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LifeWave Patches ~ The Perfect Alternative Health Solution

Experience a level of health and vitality you have not experienced since your youth.

LifeWave Patches ~ A Non-invasive Alternative Health Care Solution of the Future

Start living healthier without the use of harmful drugs or chemicals.
Understand The Power of X39
You can experience a whole new level of health and vitality with improvements to your energy, strength and physical well-being, sleep, reduced inflammation and increased mental clarity. These are just a few of the many natural health benefits of X39.

Boost Your Body's Natural Powers with LifeWave Patches

LifeWave Patches and Products

Choose The Right LifeWave Patch For You

Choose the correct patch type or patch combination that fits your health and wellness needs.
Youth Renewal
LifeWave Patches for Increasing Vitality
Bring back your vitality and youthfulness.
LifeWave Patches for Boosting Energy
Increase your energy and endurance.
LifeWave Patches for Improving Sleep
Naturally improve the quality of your sleep.
LifeWave Patches for Enhanced Fitness Performance
Enhance your mobility and fitness levels.
Pain Relief
LifeWave Patches for Natural Pain Relief
Get fast natural relief from aches and pains.
What Are LifeWave Patches?

What Are LifeWave Patches?

LifeWave patches are small flat circular patches that stick on your skin, to provide your body with a level of health and vitality you've probably not experienced since an early age. The patches are made of tiny crystals and a special formulation that activates your body's stem cells through its unique phototherapy technology - phototherapy uses the healing power of light, which has been used as an alternative health solution for nearly a century, to naturally treat health conditions.

LifeWave phototherapy patches trap your body’s heat in the form of infrared light and reflects wavelengths of light back into the tissue. This stimulates your body's stem cells, which in turn produces different health benefits unique to each LifeWave patch. So, whether you’re looking for alternative health care that will ease pain or discomfort, or natural health products that will build on your own inner source of energy, LifeWave wellness patches can help you do just that. Start living healthier without the use of harmful drugs or chemicals.
Why Use LifeWave Stem Cell Phototherapy Patches

Why Use LifeWave Phototherapy Patches?

As we get older, the healing ability of our body's stem cells gradually decreases, causing an increase in health problems such as poor immunity, degeneration of body structure, skin, bones and joints, low energy and vitality, weight trouble, sleep and concentration problems. LifeWave phototherapy patches activate your body's own stem cells to naturally rebuild structural damage of your body's biological systems. This helps boost your health in a totally non-invasive and safe way.

LifeWave patches are something you wouldn't expect could benefit your health in so many ways. It is something to be experienced, to see and feel the amazing health benefits these wellness patches provide. Supported by 20 years of research and development, LifeWave products have been demonstrated to provide numerous health benefits in a completely natural way. When looking for alternative health solution, LifeWave stem cell patches fit perfectly into your daily lifestyle.

LifeWave Patch Testimonials

I couldn’t brush my own teeth or dress myself. A few weeks on X39, X49 and Energy Enhancers, I had complete use of my hands again and all pain was gone.
Thirty years of severe cranial nerve pain was gone in 4 months! I tried ‘everything’. Only when my wife patched me with X39, X49 and Aeon, was I able to tell the difference.
I had surgery on my hand to remove my trapezium bone. I was told it was a painful surgery and to expect a painful six-month recovery. With the help of X39 and IceWave, I was able to manage the pain effectively within 36 hours! My surgeon and occupational therapist were blown away.

Become a LifeWave Brand Partner

Become a LifeWave Brand Partner

Enjoy The Benefits and Wholesale Opportunities

Beside the effectiveness of the patches themselves, one of the best things that attracted me to LifeWave was the opportunity to buy my own patches at wholesale prices, while at the same time helping others to rebuild their own health.

Joining as a brand partner, you too can enjoy discounts on every patch. And by spreading the word about LifeWave patches, you will bring in new clients that will unlock bonuses and special pricing tiers. It's a WIN-WIN for everyone. Nigel ~ Owner of NB VITALITY.
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