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My name is Nigel and I'm a LifeWave Brand Partner.
NB Vitality ~ LifeWave Brand Partner

Hi! I'm Nigel, an Independent LifeWave Brand Partner

I have personally benefited from using LifeWave's wellness patches. Now I want to share them with others, like you.
Nigel Billington ~ LifeWave Brand Partner
I'm Nigel ~ A LifeWave Brand Partner

Why I Became a Lifewave Brand Partner

When I learn about or experience something that has a major positive impact on me or my life, I want to share it with others. To me, LifeWave is one of those "somethings" that everyone can benefit from - in a massive way. And I don't say that lightly! This is the main reason I decided to join LifeWave and become a brand partner. I could also see the massive potential in the business development side of LifeWave.

I personally use the LifeWave patch products myself and have greatly benefited from them, so I have first-hand experience of their effectiveness. I also work in the natural health industry, which brings me to another fact I love about LifeWave - they are drug-free, chemical-free and stimulant-free. They are natural and extremely effective!

My Personal Success Story Using LifeWave Patches

Although I have worked in the natural health and wellness industry for some years, I am still cautious when it comes to health products - especially pharmaceutical products. So naturally, I was sceptical when first introduced to the IceWave patch. I had had a chronic pain in my wrist for quite some time. If I put pressure on it, an electrical nerve pain would trigger in my wrist joint. I applied the IceWave patch and the pain disappeared immediately. I could put pressure on and bend my wrist without causing pain. It was literally like night and day.

Since then, I started using the X39 patch. The first day or two on X39, my mind became sharper and more focused, whereas before I felt dull, tired and foggy headed. After continuing, I will admit there were some ups-and-downs due to the detoxing effects, but between 1-2 months of continued use on X39, I became aware of something I least expected - my sugar craving disappeared! For many years, I had been consuming large amounts of chocolate and sugary foods, but now, I don't feel the desire to. X39 fixed something in my body I didn't even know needed fixing.

Something I was aware of though, for a year or so, was a milky-white substance in my urine that would discharge every day. After being on X39 for 3-plus months, that milky-white substance has disappeared altogether and my urine is now clear.

Now, I'm not one for getting excited easily, far from it, but LifeWave have created something in these patches that is literally a miracle.
Join me and become a LifeWave Brand Partner

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