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Are You Looking For a LifeWave Distributor?

As a LifeWave brand partner, we can help!
LifeWave Distributors and Brand Partners

NB VITALITY Is a LifeWave Brand Partner

We have helped sign up many LifeWave distributors around the globe as well as service many LifeWave customers.
Nigel Billington: LifeWave Distributor and Brand Partner

Nigel Billington ~ LifeWave Distributor

Nigel is the owner of NB VITALITY. He signed up as a brand partner with LifeWave after experiencing the amazing results of LifeWave's products.
Kareen Khoury: LifeWave Distributor and Brand Partner

Kareen Khoury ~ LifeWave Distributor

Kareen is a business owner in the natural health industry as well as an experienced LifeWave brand partner working with NB VITALITY.

How Our LifeWave Brand Partner Community Can Help You

NB VITALITY has access to a vast resource of knowledge and experience within our LifeWave community. We have access to doctors and natural health practitioners who are also distributors of LifeWave patches. Our community of brand partners help each other to help others experience the tremendous health benefits gained from these amazing wellness patches. Our LifeWave partners are vast in number and circle the globe, helping others reach their health and wellness needs in many countries. If you want to avail yourself of LifeWave's products or build your own LifeWave business then contact us.

Where You Can Find LifeWave Distributors

You can find LifeWave distributors and brand partners in most countries worldwide, including:
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Boost Your Body's Natural Powers with LifeWave Patches

LifeWave Patches and Products
LifeWave Patching Guide by Health Concern

Become a LifeWave Brand Partner

Become a LifeWave Brand Partner

Enjoy The Benefits and Wholesale Opportunities

Beside the effectiveness of the patches themselves, one of the best things that is attractive about LifeWave is the opportunity to buy your own patches at wholesale prices, while at the same time helping others to rebuild their own health.

Joining us as a brand partner, you too can enjoy discounts on every patch. And by spreading the word about LifeWave patches, you will bring in new clients that will unlock bonuses and special pricing tiers. It's a WIN-WIN for everyone.
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