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Become a LifeWave Brand Partner

Benefit in helping yourself and others become naturally healthy by becoming a LifeWave distributor.
Become a LifeWave Distributor Brand Partner

Start Your Own Independent LifeWave Business

Start your own LifeWave business where you can earn rewards for helping yourself and others.

Why Become a LifeWave Brand Partner and Distributor

Nigel Billington ~ LifeWave Brand Partner
I'm Nigel ~ A LifeWave Brand Partner

Join Me and The NB VITALITY Team

After experiencing the amazing effects of their products, I decided to join LifeWave and become a brand partner, not only because of the genuineness of the company owner - David Schmidt - in helping people become naturally healthy, but also, I could see the amazing business opportunity LifeWave offers.

As a LifeWave distributor, I get to promote some of the most effective alternative health products on the market today. And in return, I receive multi-financial rewards through LifeWave's modern compensation plan. And, I have the support of an uplifting community of like-minded people.

Likewise, you can run your own LifeWave business - full or part-time, however you choose - and receive similar rewards by helping yourself and others with their health. So, if you feel this is up your street, I would love you join me as a LifeWave Brand Partner, along with the others in the NB VITALITY team.

Benefits of Becoming a LifeWave Distributor

What's in it for you?

  • Whichever enrolment kit you choose, you get wholesale prices on all LifeWave products, as well as your own FREE LifeWave membership website along with training and commission tracking.
  • You run your LifeWave business your way. You decide what hours you want to work and from where: LifeWave is in over 100 countries. You can build your own customer-base and team of LifeWave Brand Partners under you that fits in with your lifestyle.
  • LifeWave’s compensation plan is simple and rewarding. Once you have felt the benefits of LifeWave's products, you will be ready to share your experience with others. You will be rewarded for the purchases of both customers and LifeWave distributors under you.
  • The LifeWave Compensation Plan offers an amazing opportunity for making both immediate and long-term income streams.
  • Health-wise and/or financially, you get to help others succeed, as well as yourself, by adding to your LifeWave team. You can achieve success together.

Join me as a LifeWave wholesaler and introduce the world to these life-changing patches. Sign up as a Brand Partner and spread the word to your friends, family, colleagues and others: watch the rewards roll in.
Join me and become a LifeWave Brand Partner

Do You Have Any Questions or Need Help in Signing Up?

If you're unsure about how to sign up, you want to ask more questions about LifeWave partnering, or which Enrolment Kit to select, please contact me and I'll guide you through.
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