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The Science on How LifeWave Patches Work

LifeWave’s health technology harnesses your body’s own natural, restorative energy.
How LifeWave Patches Work ~ The Science

Discover The Science Behind LifeWave's Wellness Patches

Learn how LifeWave patches work using your body's natural light to regenerate cells.

LifeWave Patches and Phototherapy

How LifeWave Phototherapy Patches Work.

What Are The Ingredients in LifeWave Patches?

LifeWave patches are made up of organic nanocrystals. Each type of patch (X39, X49, Aeon, etc.), are made up of of different proportions and combinations of amino acids, stabilized oxygen, water, sugars and salts that form a different crystal structure in each patch type because of the ratios of substances they contain. The patches are latex free, non-transdermal (the patches do not pass a medication through the skin into the bloodstream), they are completely free of any drugs, chemicals, or stimulants and do not get in the way of any medicines you are taking, as nothing from the patch goes into your body.

What Is Phototherapy Used by LifeWave Patches?

The science of phototherapy uses light to improve the body's health. Modern phototherapy treatments like Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), involving the exposure of low-level red and near infrared (NIR) light to the body's cells and tissue, are scientifically known. The use of phototherapy as an alternative health treatment is not new. Ancient Greeks studied the effects of different colored light on the body. Even the ancient Egyptians had grasped the concept of using light as a therapy; focusing sunlight on certain areas of the body to improve health.

How Do LifeWave Patches Work?

Phototherapy, sometimes called light therapy or photobiomodulation, works by using a mechanism to reflect or shine light into the body to stimulate cellular activity. LifeWave patches act as that mechanism, reflecting visible and infrared light back into the body. Your body gives off heat in the form of infrared light. When a patch is applied to the recommended location on the body, it traps this infrared light and reflects wavelengths back into the tissue. This signals the body to produce health benefits unique to each patch type. By capturing visible and infrared light, LifeWave’s alternative health technology is completely changing the way we can use light to improve and lengthen our lives. You can live a healthier life without the use of harmful drugs or chemicals.

What Is The Science Behind LifeWave Patches?

LifeWave patches are activated by your own body’s light frequencies, such as visible light and infrared light that we cannot see. Each patch is designed to specifically elevate a naturally occurring peptide (a short chain of amino acids linked by chemical bonds) that our body produces.

The nano‐structured biomolecular crystals of the patches passively interact with the human body, sending specific instructions to it, through acupuncture points. A modulation of the electron flow and of the thermomagnetic frequency is induced, with the intention of increasing particular biological reactions, which are naturally present in your body. In other words, the LifeWave patches use the wide‐range of infrared radiation (heat), emitted by the human body, as a source of energy that activates the nanocrystals of the patch and makes them operate as, non-chemical, molecular antennae and information transmission centers.

Because of the different structural formation and pattern of crystals in each type of patch, each type reflects a different frequency back into our body, that it is already naturally making, thereby activating the production of specific beneficial peptides that go on to activate different pathways in our bodies for improved long term health. As an example, the X39 patch reflects light back into the body, stimulating cellular activity and the production of a copper peptide known as GHK-Cu, which activates stem cells.
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